Covid statement

We at Umsjatka Studios understand that the safety and health of the team is a priority. We have taken extra measures to ensure your shoot is as safe as possible. For example, disinfectant hand gel is available and mouth masks are available on request. We are happy to adapt to the wishes of the client. 

Studio 08 is a separate location where your team can work undisturbed and you do not stumble across other teams. This means that you have complete freedom to organize and personalize the studio to suit the needs of your shoot.

We follow the guidelines of the RIVM and for now, adhere to the rule of thumb that a maximum of 30 people may be inside the studio. In order to guarantee a 1.5m distance for everyone, we have set a limit per space in addition to the above guideline. (rule of thumb: 1 person per 10 m²) This means that a maximum of 25 people may be present in Studio 08, to ensure a safe working environment. 


Please feel free to contact us any time by mail or by phone or otherwise. For bookings as well as for questions:

Zeebergweg 8
1051 DE Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Brouwersgracht 130-134
1013 HA Amsterdam
The Netherlands